Sunday, November 18, 2018
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Choose_Your_SkipperChoose us, our boats and Split. We are really     here for you...    


From the very first moment you contact us, our experienced and highly-efficient team will be at your disposal to guide you and to tailor your sailing vacation to your exact specifications.

First, we help you prepare your trip and all the details, so that everything is perfect to your needs. Then we give you answers to all the questions and help with different suggestions. Following is the booking process, which is very simple and direct, because you are dealing with us, the boat owners directly.

Then we meet you in Split, show you our boat, and make sure that everything is as planned. After you settle on your boat, we can drive you (free of charge) to a big local supermarket to buy groceries, drinks, supplies, and everything you need for a comfortable and pleasant sailing vacation.

During your stay, your home will be one of our beautiful sailing boats, fully equipped to offer you the highest standard of cleanliness with maximum comfort and safety. All our boats are special for us; we put a lot of love and effort to make each one of them warm and hospitable, inviting you to spend time and relax on board.

Each of our yachts has 2 or 3 toilets with showers and hot water, double or bunk bed cabins, complete kitchen and cabin equipment, TV, MP3 and DVD player. We are very attentive to details and our wish is to make you feel with us like at home away from home...

During the check-in procedure, we will show you all the important details about the boat, and many useful tips. We will give you suggestions about the best places to go from our own experience in sailing in this area. We will inform you on expected weather conditions, and assist you in every other way we can. You also get boat's mobile phone with full Croatian pre-paid card so you can call us any time you need help, have some questions, or just want to tell us how much fun you are having.

Split is really a great place to start your sailing trip. It is very conveniently positioned in the middle of the Dalmatian coast providing easy access to all the most interesting islands.

If you decide to spend some time in Split, we are here to help you get around; tell you where to walk, shop, eat and drink; what is going on in the city centre, where to go and party that night...

During your sailing vacation, we can also organise some special trips and events; like walking and climbing trips, sightseeing tours, walking in the wine yards, wine tastings, fishing with the locals…

In case you prefer somebody else to take care of the boat, you can choose the possibility of crewed yacht charter. Your hosts will be one of our skippers (or also hostesses, cooks...) who will take care of the boat, the route and your safety. They are all very experienced in both sailing and offering our guests all the help, suggestions and information needed. And not just that; we believe that choosing the right crew for you is one of the most important things to make your vacation perfect, since through their effort, knowledge, smiling attitude and professionalism you meet the 'living Croatia', as it really is.

So just choose one of our boats, and let us organize a perfect sailing vacation just for you!