Monday, December 10, 2018
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Sailing is wonderful!

Dear Ivana,

We just want to thank you and Ranko once again for your superb services and for a very successfull vacation in Croatia. All six of us agree that the "Vana" was in very good shape, meticulously maintained and a very comfortable and safe vessel in all respects.

"The crew" is already urging me to start preparations for next year. So, it is not at all unlikely that you will hear from us again.

Please say hello to your family whom we met at Maslinica. We really enjoyed their hospitality!

Mr Stig R. & crew (from Norway)



Dear Ivana,

Long time since we sailed along around the Dalmatian islands...

It was a great week with brought lots of great new memories for us as a family. We will keep returning to your coast, since it is so beautiful, especially from the sea-side (although Split night-life was interesting too :-)

I hope everything is alright with you and your company, and that you're enjoying a nice indian summer.

Hopefully other guests enjoyed Lela just as well as we did...

Jochem & family (from the Netherlands)



Ivana and Ozren,

I have to tell you that we again had a wonderful time! Thank you and your crew for excellent service again. 
Wherever I charter other boats, there is always something wrong. Waiting for hours for check-in is really annoying.Then there is always something missing from the equipment. And all those repairs in the last moment, (and that only when I make them do something about it). Not to mention that they give you the sheets at the reception, which you usually forget in the cafe, where you had to stop for a cold drink if you want to survive the long way back to the boat which feels like crossing the Sahara...
Why can't I find any reasons to complain when I come to your boats??? 
Do you maybe have some Dwarfs on each one of them, who take care that everything is perfect by the time we get there? Or do I fail to notice anything wrong because of the welcome I get with cold drinks in the fridge, fresh fruit on the table, meticulously made beds and nice company...
I guess it is the combination of all those things.
Have fun and see you as soon as possible

Vlado (from Ljubljana, Slovenia)



Moram ti napisat, da smo se na jadranju spet imeli odlično. Tebi in tvoji ekipi se zahvaljujem za spet res vrhunsko storitev.
Kjerkoli drugje najemam barke je vedno kej narobe. Čakanje na prevzem me vedno spravlja ob živce. Pomanjkljiva oprema, popravila v zadnjem trenutku pa še to samo, če sem dovolj vztrajen, da odpravijo opažene pomanjkljivosti. Da ne govorim, da ti posteljnino dajo v recepciji in jo potem po možnosti pozabiš v kafiču, ker si moral vmes it nekaj spit, ker je pot od recepcije do barke podobna prečkanju Sahare.
Zakaj pri tebi še nisem imel razloga za znoret? A imaš slučajno na barkah kakšne škrate, da vse poštimajo ali zaradi dobrodošlice v obliki zrihtane barke, sadja, hladne pijače, postlane postelje in dobre družbe ne opazim, če je kej narobe. Sigurno je kombinacija vsega našetega.
Uživajte in se vidimo čim prej.





...The whole trip was brilliant with excellent yachts and two excellent skippers.

The islands we visited were interesting and beautiful, with blue warm water and plenty of places to explore. The yachts weren’t just our home, but a place to have fun out of… We sailed, swam, free dived, climbed, slack-roped, played in dinghies, snorkelled, ate, drank, talked and laughed...

Leo with Lela & Buba team (from the UK)



Dear Ivana!

It took me a week to analyze and think over the experiences and emotions which came up during and after our stay in Dalmatia and Split.

I’m sure that all of us share the feeling that you have a very beautiful environment for sailing and water sports in general. Everything worked very well and we were satisfied with the boats and Your staff’s smiling attitude. Even though we could experience only a small slice of Your country, it was more than we expected. And it is easy to imagine how much more there is to be explored. Nature, architecture, history, culture, people, food and of course the weather inspired all of us. Your historic tour in split was excellent and gave us a lot of perspective and fresh viewpoints to the history of Split.

On behalf of all of us I take the opportunity to forward our warm gratitude to you.

Thank You so much for your kind attitude and hospitality. You are doing fantastic work not only for the customers but also for Croatia.
Our whole group wishes you both favourable winds and also enjoyable autumn and winter period. 
(By the way I’m planning something for next spring. Might be two boats or so for a week. We’ll meet again...)

With kind regards,

Kari V (from Finland)


Hyvä Ivana!
Kesti hetken matkan jälkeen sulatella tunnelmia ja kokemuksia Splitistä ja Dalmatian saaristosta. Uskon, että kaikki osallistujat, 21 henkilöä voivat yhtyä siihen, että teillä on ihastuttava ympäristö ja saaristo purjehdukseen ja vesiurheiluun yleensä. Kaikki toimi oikein hyvin. Olimme kovasti tyytyväisiä veneisiin ja henkilökunnan alati hymyilevään ja iloiseen palveluasenteeseen.

Vaikka viikon aikana ehdimme raapaista vain pintaa, se ylitti kuitenkin odotuksemme. On helppo kuvitella, miten paljon jäi vielä tutkimatta ja näkemättä. Luonto, arkkitehtuuri, historia, kulttuuri, ihmiset, ruoka ja tietysti ihana sää inspiroi kaikkia.

Opastettu historiakierros Splitin vanhassa osassa oli mainio ja antoi meille kaikille sekä perspektiiviä että uutta tietoa Splitin historiasta.

Haluan välittää terveiset ja lämpimät kiitokset koko kolmen veneellisen puolesta. Asenne, vieraanvaraisuus ja palvelu oli kohdallaan. Teette hienoa työtä ei ainoataan omalla saralla ja asiakkaillenne vaan myös koko Kroatian matkailun edistämiseksi.

Koko ryhmä toivoo teille suotuisia tuulia, nautinnollista syksyä ja nopeasti taittuvaa talven selkää.

Lämpimin terveisin,

Kari Valkonen



Dear Ivana!

Now we are in Moscow again!

The weather is very bad here, seems like autumn already: raining and cold. After lovely Croatian climate it is really make us upset. But we look at our great photos and video and it helps us to wait for the next summer :-)

Thank you very much for your GREAT SERVICE!

We miss you, Ranko and Buba, of course!

Your skipper,





...It was really a pleasure to sail the 'Vana' in your beautiful country. The boat was perfect to our needs.

I am sure we will meet again. 
Mr. Klaus T. (from Finland)


...We are back at home and at work. The temperatures are low over here so we really miss your weather. We had a great time, thanks, and we tell anyone, even if they don’t want to listen.

Keep well

Mr. Garth B. (from South Africa)


For me this year that finishes will be remembered for having enjoyed the best summer holidays ever...

Ivan S. (from Spain)



Hello Ivana,

Once again, thank You very much for all Your assistance in Split when renting Your "Vana".

Hope You will have a nice summer and hope to meet You again.

Kind Regards

Mrs. Cecilia L. & family (from Sweden)



…Just wanted to drop another quick Thank you for the amazing trip we all had. We had such a good time on the 'Buba' the first time and I am sure it will be an annual thing…

Michael T. and friends (from the USA and the UK)



...We still think of our trip on Vana. We have downloaded our pictures and written our journal. 
We did see more of Dalmatia, we had a day trip to Trogir. We also went to Salona and Plivicka National Park, it was beautiful. We also spent a morning in the Archaeological museum. 
We are off next Thursday on our boat for a two week trip in the San Juan Islands. We loved our trip, enjoyed meeting you, Ranko and Tony. 
Let us know if you ever get to Seattle. 
Pat and Arnie G. (from the USA)


Dear Ivana, 
thank you again for the great pleasure to sail with Vana and the “tip” to stay in your fathers apartment on Solta!!!

It was more than perfect and a dreamful honeymoon (even the team-feeling during the storm between Korcula and Mljet)
Back in Germany (windy, raining, cold)- last week- we just wanted to enter the plane again to go back to Solta...
Silvia nad Chris G. (from Germany)



Hello Ivana!

Thank you for nice days in the Adriatic onboard your “Vana”, a safe and very well maintained boat which gave us what we came for! We had nice and warm days, we had strong winds, heavy rain and even rough sea, but all the time she managed everything perfect and nothing unexpected occurred. We will also like to thank you and your partners for top service and guidance, and we’ll like to recommend you and your company to our friends in our sailclub. All in all, after this wonderful days  we are now finally ready for the long and cold winter in Norway. Next year we will be back, perhaps another boat or another route, but we will be quite sure of what we get when we hire a boat from you.

Best regards to all of you

From Torunn & Odd